Initial Consultation- $25/ 1 hr. appointment

Editing Services:

Proof Reading – $10/page

Basic Editing $18/page

Website Editing – $18/page

Website Building- $25/page

Resume Editing- $45/flat fee

Academic- $15/page

Manuals- Pricing upon consult


Additional Editing Services:

Rewrite Assistance for any editing services- $20.00 flat fee

Additional One-on-One Visits- $15.00/per visit


Writing Services:

Grant Writing & Research- $45/hour

Grant Writing Only- $30/hour

Resume Writing- $85/flat fee

Letter & Profile Writing- $0.35/word

Web Copywriting & Content Writing- $0.35/word

Presentations/Speeches- Pricing upon consult

Academic Papers- $20/page

Copy Writing/Ghost Writing- $5/page

Manuals- Pricing upon consult

Correspondence, Pamphlets, Menus, or Mailers- Pricing upon consult

Pricing may vary depending on project specifics and deadlines.



All projects are invoiced upon completion. We accept cash, check, credit and electronic payments. Thank you!